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2015-07-12 10:31 pm

"Minnesota" (Mountain Goats cover), 2015-07-12

I said in my last post that it was hard not to play Mountain Goats songs all the time, but well, sometimes it's easy not to do everything. It's been one of those times.

This song makes it a little easier to not not do everything, though.
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2015-06-23 10:33 am

"Tulsa Imperative" (Mountain Goats cover), 2015-06-22

There are a lot of Mountain Goats songs, and almost all of them are really, really good. It's hard not to just play them all the time.

"Tulsa Imperative", from 1993, is no exception.
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2015-06-19 11:30 pm

"Never Quite Free" (Mountain Goats cover), 2015-06-19

Here's another Mountain Goats cover. My cat Spreckles is in it for about the last five seconds, which means you have to watch it all because it wouldn't be right to just fast-forward.
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2015-05-11 07:05 am

"Black Molly" (Mountain Goats cover), 2015-05-10

This is a fun song to sing, or at least it is if you're in a certain mood, which I was yesterday. I don't think I did it as much justice as I maybe could, but I also don't think I am going to get that mood back anytime soon (at least I certainly hope not to), so this is what you get. On the plus side, this video has two virtues:

  • my cat Spotty is in the entire thing
  • it's only 2:08

I have only one other thing to say about the song itself, which is: F♯ major, what the fuck?
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2015-05-10 08:40 am

"Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod" (Mountain Goats cover), 2015-05-10

Happy Mother's Day! Nothing exists that reflects how I feel about my mother (except for some stuff I've written that I can't do yet), so I had to do this song, which is about somebody else's stepfather but still rings true as heck for me today. (and let's be honest, every day.)
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2015-05-09 02:20 pm

"This Year" (Mountain Goats cover), 2015-05-09

I could ask about this song: "what do I have to add to 'This Year'?" The answer in the first version of it that I did a month ago (which you may have seen if you're on Facebook) was: cats. The answer today is nothing, but that's okay, because I'm just doing these to learn. Besides, I think I did it a little bit better than I did it a month ago!
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2015-05-02 03:04 pm

"Isaiah 45:23" (Mountain Goats cover), 2015-05-02

This is a cover of a song by the Mountain Goats. It's actually one of the more hopeful Mountain Goats songs that I know. It's about death.