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2015-06-22 01:13 pm
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"Programming", 2015-06-22

This is a song I wrote. It's about quitting my job.
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2015-06-18 04:21 pm
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"For Real" (Bob Franke cover), 2015-06-18

I had a song I was going to play today. Then yesterday evening happened, and that song was no longer appropriate.

This one is, I hope. It's by Bob Franke, one of the most undersung songwriters I know of.
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2015-06-17 01:45 pm
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"Plenty to Cry About", 2015-06-17

After a month of traveling (without an instrument... I guess I could have recorded a capella songs, but just because you can doesn't mean you should), I'm back and posting daily videos again! One day at a time, that is.

If you were one of the six people at the bar at the open mic at Lamppost Pizza in south Reno last night, you heard this already. Even if you did, this one never has the same melody twice.
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2015-05-17 01:42 pm
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"Numb from the Waist Down", 2015-05-15

This is a song that I wrote about not having any feelings. It turns out that when you try to write a song about not having any feelings, that song turns out being kind of hard to perform. Who knew, right?

My cat Spotty, who is pretty good at informing me of her feelings, is in it.
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2015-05-16 09:47 am
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"Beans Tomorrow", 2015-05-16

This morning I got inspired by [twitter.com profile] mountain_goats yelling at [twitter.com profile] scotte_allen and wrote a song. Scott E. Allen is the mendacious assclown who introduced a bill into the Wisconsin state legislature barring SNAP recipients from using food stamps to pay for dried beans, as well as any other foods he doesn't think are "healthy". (I don't know where he received his doctorate in nutrition.)

Sure, calling politicians "assclowns" doesn't solve any problems, but trying to control what poor people put in their bodies doesn't either. And the latter is pretty fucking personal to me, since I grew up on, and ate food by virtue of, public assistance from birth to age 16.

There are only so many synonyms for "assclown", though, so after joining in the Twitter yelling for a bit, I thought about the bigger picture and wrote this song.

Grazing yogurt pretzels
From the bins at Stop & Shop
I wonder if the creeping feeling's
ever gonna stop
Iran-Contra on TV
every single day
I don't know what's happening but
I know I'm gonna pay
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2015-05-14 06:55 am
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"Battle Hymn of the Tiger Cub", 2015-05-14

I wrote the words for this song; it's to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic". It's a second take on a response I wrote four years ago to excerpts from Amy Chua's book _Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother_. Since then, Chua claimed that her words were taken out of context and at some point in the book she does an about-face on endorsing abuse, but you know, she still has a platform that the rest of us don't get.

Here's what my platform is.
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2015-05-13 12:53 pm
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"No Uvula", 2015-05-13

This is a song that I wrote. It's about not having a uvula.

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2015-05-04 04:22 pm
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"Sand Mountain", 2015-05-04

I didn't get to posting a video yesterday, because I went out early for a meeting and then accidentally drove to Sand Mountain.

This is a song that I wrote after that, called "Sand Mountain".

I also moved the keyboard to a different room. You care.
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2015-05-01 03:44 pm
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"Curtains", 2015-04-30

This is a song that I wrote. I only realized after the fact that it's a big old mixed metaphor, but hey, I like parts of it.