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This morning I got inspired by [twitter.com profile] mountain_goats yelling at [twitter.com profile] scotte_allen and wrote a song. Scott E. Allen is the mendacious assclown who introduced a bill into the Wisconsin state legislature barring SNAP recipients from using food stamps to pay for dried beans, as well as any other foods he doesn't think are "healthy". (I don't know where he received his doctorate in nutrition.)

Sure, calling politicians "assclowns" doesn't solve any problems, but trying to control what poor people put in their bodies doesn't either. And the latter is pretty fucking personal to me, since I grew up on, and ate food by virtue of, public assistance from birth to age 16.

There are only so many synonyms for "assclown", though, so after joining in the Twitter yelling for a bit, I thought about the bigger picture and wrote this song.

Grazing yogurt pretzels
From the bins at Stop & Shop
I wonder if the creeping feeling's
ever gonna stop
Iran-Contra on TV
every single day
I don't know what's happening but
I know I'm gonna pay

Stuck between the war outside
and the war at home
With a pile of library books
I'd set my mind to roam
As to where my heart was
I really didn't know
Now I think it wandered off
sixty years ago

Reagan dealing death
hand-in-glove with HIV
I'm six and I don't even know
they're coming after me
The talking heads say someone's lying
about a covert war
Another one goes on in here
On the nineteenth floor

The war on the powerless
is outside and it's in
All I know and knew is
I'm never gonna win
Whenever I'd hear that absence in your voice
I'd know I wasn't living in
A world where I had choice

Our landlord wanted more in 1990
We had to leave the city
But I'll never put that place behind me

Today I am a man
but I still feel about nine
when politicians blame it all
on families like mine
It's morning in America in 1984
And we still die of shame and guilt
for being who we are

It's morning in America, May 16, 2015
They promise beans tomorrow
And stones are all they mean


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